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100% Protected - you relax while we monitor IT

With numerous new, existing and evolving viruses, malware and security threats that emerge every day, how are you making sure that you and your family are safe online? How are you making sure your personal information is safe?

We all want to believe that we and our family will not visit an unsafe website or click on a suspicious link in an email, but the truth is, we don’t always know what is safe and what is not. Hackers and scammers are becoming ever more sophisticated in masking their threats so that people will unknowingly click links and become an unsuspecting victim.

Most people assume that their current internet / ADSL modem it protecting them - but this is often not the case - not by a long shot.

We work with various tested and constantly evolving technologies to assess, protect and monitor home networks to ensure that our clients are as protected as possible without them needing to be IT Gurus. We do the testing, we do the installation and we do the constant monitoring so our clients sleep better at night knowing their family is as safe as possible.

Our “Home Internet Security Service” utilises “best of breed” technologies from the leading security brands and installs a solution that secures and safeguards your family’s home network and internet experience. Online threats and nasties are evolving but so are our methods and solutions - there is no static solution in todays 24/7 world - they are trying to get in and they want your data - we work to prevet this from happening!

How well are you sleeping tonight knowing your family is safe from the evolving security threats and challenges of the Internet? It's time to get serious and call us about safeguarding your family’s Internet experience and the secuiry of your personal and banking data.

We find solutions to your problems and needs!

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