Secure Hosting

100% Uptime - we take care of IT

Cloud based hosting solutions are available everywhere but security is too often a neglected consideration or is completely overlooked or ignored.

By choosing our Small Business Secure Server (SBSS), we can have your company’s email, documents and other critical data hosted in a highly secure, encrypted and accessible location. This SBSS is constantly replicated and backed up at an alternative and secure location and can also be quickly moved and hosted in a variety of geographical locations depending on the sensitivity of the data.

A host of traditional office services are supported including email, contacts, calendar, shared and “DropBox like” synced folders plus a variety of other modern communications solutions.

Additional Virtual Private Networks (VPN) features are also available as well as encrypted email and certification to ensure a complete point to point secure solution because it’s YOUR data – not theirs!

Your server is constantly audited and monitored to ensure no unauthorised access is attempted and real time alerts available.

We currently have three hosting locations; Roubaix and Bordeaux in France and a private server in Luzern, Zwitserland. Our servers are fully backuped and even in case of an emergency, your server can be back online in less than an hour, thanks to our backup-and replication strategy and Fail-Over IP technology.

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